Apr 10, 2011

If Only Pants Grew On Trees

Remember when you had to sneak junk food behind your parents' backs? Here's some news for you: when you have a kid (at least a small one, like mine, who is home ALL THE TIME), you have to do the same damn thing, but you have even fewer opportunities to snarf down a bag of Mini Eggs in secret. Because when you have a kid, you have to share everything with them. And they sure learn how to count quick when rationing M&Ms is involved. I haven't had a plate of food to myself in two years. For some reason, whatever I'm eating (including the scoop of icecream I'm inhaling behind the open door of the refrigerator) just looks better to her than anything she's served.

Anyway, aside from this candy business, it is so very so sweet when our kids copy the things we do. Like Lucy here, measuring her dad's head with my measuring tape. Everything is 44 inches, according to her.

The other day I was cutting a sleeve for this awesome dress I am making, and Lucy said she wanted to make a pattern too. So I gave her a scrap of pattern paper, a pencil and my ruler, which she used to draw some pants (so she says). Then she asked for fabric, which I gave her, and pins (don't call Child Services on me). She pinned the paper to the fabric, and then folded it all up and put in her bed under the covers. When I asked why, she said "I'm making pants, and they need to grow."
 Here's Lucy sewing her pants on her sewing machine. And yes, that's chocolate ice cream on her face. I wasn't kidding about the junkfood.

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  1. Hi, my name is Tamy. I'm from Brazil and I was searching a max's costume on the internet and then I found your blog and It's amazing!!!!
    This month I started my blog it calls: tendencinhas.com
    I love kids, and everything about them. I'm sewing about one year and I do some clothes to my nephew.
    I'm completely in love with this wood machine from your daugther. Where did you buy it?!
    I loved your blog, and I'll keep visiting you.
    My next project is max's costume! Wish me luck!



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