Apr 20, 2011

Pants-In-Progress Again

So sad my pants don't fit. Also: that my apartment is messy.

So it's becoming clear that my new pants — the ones I drafted for patternmaking class, pictured on me above — are not going to be my new favourites. They're not horrible. In fact, I'm pretty proud of all the new things I learned in sewing them: welt and slant pockets, fly front with zipper. But they're just too big. I don't think my professor is going to be impressed. And she's a hard marker. Sigh. I still have the details to finish, but I'm going to leave those until after I get back from Mexico.

In need of a good pressing


  1. you have a granite floor in NYC!!! That is some cool shit!

  2. Do you read my blog for the apartment envy?



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