Apr 27, 2011

ModCloth Coat Inspiration

I'm not really one to plan ahead too far. I usually know the next thing I will draft or sew. But the project after that...is subject to three whims that will come up between now and then. That said, I am filing away a picture of this beautiful coat from ModCloth (selling now for $449 US — ouch!) as inspiration for a fall coat. It's too late for me to make a spring coat because NYC has gone from freezing cold to fucking hot in about 2 weeks (yesterday it was 28 C and humid).

Anyway, mere moments after coveting this coat on ModCloth.com, I saw one crafty Burdastyle member's self-drafted version of the same item.  Now, this lady (from the Netherlands) has made a lot of coats, as evidenced from her studio on Burdastyle.com. I have not. But how hard could it be? Stay tuned.

1 comment:

  1. gorgeous coat! i've never made a coat either. sort of too scared to try :/



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