Apr 18, 2011


I need a drink. Because figuring out how to sew welt pockets is hard. And that's what I just spent my kid's entire precious naptime doing. Here are my first pair of (self-drafted) pants, still in progress (the inner pocket is not attached to the welt (that's the little flap thing there with the horizontal stripes. I have no idea how to attach the pocket to the welt. That will be for another day. And another drink). The fabric is awesome, right?

I used this single welt pocket tutorial from the website Fashion Incubator, which is a great resource I have bookmarked and will return to again for sure. I also finished the front slant pockets, which were much easier to sew. I was able to figure those out without any intervention — or help from our FIT pattern making professor, who says: "This is not a sewing class. You should know how to do this." Which is met by blank stares. Every. Time.

Here's are the front pockets:

The inside

From the outside

Check out that lining!

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