Apr 21, 2011

Jeans Sew-along at Male Pattern Baldness

I just love reading Peter's posts over at Male Pattern Baldness, the world's most popular men's sewing blog. That's right. A man's sewing blog. (Though he does a lot of sewing for his "cousin" Cathy, a sweet and sassy alter-ego who favours old-Hollywood-inspired cocktail dresses.) Peter is a great writer and a prolific sewer. A while back I stood idly by as he hosted a men's shirt sew-along, but as fate would have it I will be drafting and sewing jeans just as he hosts his next sew-along: jeans.

So my plan is to participate in this fortuitously scheduled sew-along. I'm not actually sure what that entails, but I'm hoping his posts will save me some of the researching I had to do in sewing my trousers.

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