Apr 14, 2011

In five weeks I could knit you a washcloth

Federal election campaigns in Canada are short — barely detectable compared to the all-American industry of campaigning. (When candidates run negative TV ads, we call them "American-style attack ads." Because we usually think both candidates look nice). Canadians go to the polls on May 5, 2011 — a mere five weeks after the election was called (but not me because I'm now a permanent resident of the U.S. — which means I don't get to vote anywhere). Our elections aren't regular, scheduled affairs. They can happen at anytime. The next federal election in the U.S. is 81 weeks away, and already my husband is obsessed with the possibilities; I mean, Donald Trump? Really?

But you know, it's a good thing. Because I might just have the time in those 81 weeks to knit myself this:

(For free pattern go to Laura Birek's blog: http://laurabirek.com/wordpress/knitting/patterns)

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