Apr 7, 2011

Snoozer Loser Dress in Progress

 I have three different completed projects I need to photograph and post about, but the weather is crap in New York City today and so the light in our apartment is too. (Flash photography, no thanks). It's my husband's day off today and I think we're all still recovering from our trip to the Midwest last weekend. How else to explain the fact our kid has slept in until 9:30 a.m. every day this week? I just don't know. Growth spurt coming? I gave up on trying to figure this stuff out a while ago.

Anyway, I'm using my time today to work on this shirt dress I designed and drafted all by myself. It's pretty simple, but I'm hoping the perfect fit will really make this a stand-out. I wanted something to showcase this cool printed Snoozer Loser fabric I won from Burdastyle.com. I wasn't too sure about it until I threw it up on the dressform with a black belt, and the collar and one sleeve tacked on for full effect. Now I know I'm going to love it. Plus it's lightweight cotton — heaven for a sweaty gal who lives in NYC.

A close-up of the front against a back-drop of sewing room (actually a sewing hallway) clutter.


  1. oh, sue! you really are so talented. designed and drafted! amazing. the size and scale of that owl-y pattern works so well with the shirt dress styling. really perfect. hope you model it for us!

  2. I am in love with this fabric!



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