Apr 14, 2011

Snoozer Loser Dress Done

I have learned a few things in my almost four years of living in NYC. For one: you never think you saw a celebrity. When you see one, you know. If you "think" you saw someone famous, you probably didn't. You just saw someone who is so rich that their lasered skin is flushed with the inner glow that comes from sleeping atop piles of cash. Also, they have the kind of money that can buy Angelina Jolie's lips and Ben Stiller's hairline, so it's inevitable they look familiar.

When you actually witness a real celebrity, you know in an instant — even when they're wearing a hat and sunglasses, which they always are. When you've seen someone's face in high-definition, it's unlikely you'd mistake them for someone else.

That said, I saw Daniel Vosovic (one of my favourite Project Runway contestants of all times) coming out of the subway today. I had just been to Mood to buy some fabric for class projects (cotton twill for trousers and denim for jeans!), so it was totally appropriate.

Also appropriate, I was wearing this new dress I made with the hand-printed fabric I won from Burdastyle.com and Snoozer Loser. While not exactly Project Runway material, I'm proud of it nonetheless. I designed it and made the pattern myself. (Of course I also sewed it, and then rode the subway with a toddler in it — thus the wrinkles.)

 My husband shot these pics for me in Central Park today. Look at all the people in the background! There were thousands of people everywhere in the park today — it was so amazing out. Today was one of those glorious early spring days that is warm but the trees are not yet leafy. This is very important to allergy sufferers like us. I'm hoping it rains every other day this April, and maybe I'll be OK. Also, I'm going to Mexico in a week! (I'll have to sew up a more summery belt to go with this dress if I want to wear it there).


  1. Love the dress! Super cute.

  2. AMAZING!!!! I think you look fabulous in this dress. You are so talented Suzie!



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