Apr 17, 2011

Pants? Pants!

As a lady with some curve in her hip (and booty), the Holy Grail of fashion for me has always been pants. They're tough to find when your proportions are a little different than the fit models used to test out a pattern. For me, if they fit at the hip, they gape at the waist. Your problem may be the opposite. And if you fit all pants perfectly, well good for you Gwenyth.

This weekend I drafted the pattern for my perfect pair of slacks. At least I'm hoping they will be perfect. I made one leg in muslin to test the fit. My helpful toddler told me I had two legs so I should make another one.

Here she is playing with playdough while I drafted yesterday during a rainstorm. (Don't judge me for the mess in our apartment. Judge my husband. Or my kid. Most of it is her junk. And the lazy thing almost never cleans up after herself.)

So here are all the damn pieces, which I cut out this morning. I choose a pinstriped brown and white heavy cotton (really, it's a denim) for the pants. I'm making the pockets from the Snoozer Loser fabric I won. The remnants from my winnings will live on in numerous projects yet, I hope. Note there are 11 pieces below. Also: I have to sew welt pockets this week. I'm going to need my Easter vacation.

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