Mar 29, 2011

Spring in New York Makes Me Feel...

I just took my first-ever negative pregnancy test.  Congrats are in order because we are not trying to get pregnant (actually, we are trying pretty hard not to). The reason I took the test was because I've been feeling a sort of fatigue I haven't experienced since I was pregnant with this girl here to the left (that's what getting a haircut looks like in 2011, BTW). The first third of pregnancy is like one long flu bout. The last third is one long back spasm. And the middle part...well, not too bad if you don't mind nightly heartburn and being sweaty all the time (now you see why I'm so happy about a negative result). 

I've been blaming my general lousy state of being on the Nasonex I started taking about two weeks ago in preparation for allergy season (which hits me HARD in NYC), but I just needed to be sure. I also came down with a sinus infection and had blood coming out of my sinuses, so I'm pretty sure it's the Nasonex, which I have since quit taking. You do get nosebleeds when you're pregnant, but not until much later (you get everything when you're pregnant; it's relentless). My allergist won't call me back so now she is dead to me. I'm switching to homeopathy (gemmotherapy, to be specific) and am going to wear a mask this allergy season.

Wearing a mask is so low-tech, but when all else has failed me (and made me feel pregnant), it just has to work, right? I was putting my kid down for a nap and was brainstorming ideas for allergy-proofing my life. Product idea: burqa with built-in HEPA filter. Or: beekeeper chic? (The mesh would have to be pollen-proof, obvs).

Then I thought to myself: Self, why don't you wear a mask? Duh! And then I Googled "Allergy mask" and it turns out there are dozens of masks for allergy sufferers. I'm going to look like a psycho germophobe, but at least it may keep me from making a trip to the emergency room this spring (it really is that bad. I know what you're thinking: allergies? Isn't that, like, itchy red eyes and a runny nose? But for me I cannot breathe when the pollen count is high.)

Anyway, all this feeling shitty has left me with little time to post, though I do have two finished projects and two others on the go. I've also had real, paid writing assignments to work on. Check back soon for more sewing goodness.

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