Mar 23, 2011

"Not Tonight Dear" Nightie?

 I'm trying to figure out how to cover the unsightly holes in this lace on the tunic I'm sewing. This embellishment (a number of lace circles, folded twice and then pinned on for now) does the trick of covering up the holes, but it may be having the unfortunate effect of making this top look even more like something Betty Draper would wear on the nights she doesn't want to be intimate with Henry. Maybe if the lace was black? It could use a little edge. Any suggestions?


  1. Hey Sue,
    I like the look of this top - hmmm, how to deal with that lace? How about adding a dark peach fabric behind? ...
    It looks like an easy-sew. Do you think I could handle this? Maybe in a non-stretchy cotton? I need more tops!

  2. It was easy to sew with a serger, and it turned out well (it's done though I haven't taken any photos yet. Too cold here for outdoor shoots!). I'm sewing another version with silk, so I'll let you know whether it works well with non-stretch fabrics. Stretch fabrics are hard to sew well with a regular sewing machine. Unless you have some sort of "mock serger" stitch. Because a regular straight stitch won't have any give and will just rip when you stretch a seam.



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