Mar 22, 2011

A Silky Skirt and Shirt

Don't you love American Idol audition week? They're the only episodes I like to watch because the grotesque pageant of absurdly overconfident strivers just makes me feel so good about my life.
You get the feeling that for a percentage of the contestants, it was either Idol or  Jerry Springer that day. They're all defined by their tragedies, but they're fighters. And you'll see! One day, you'll see!! Why? Because they want it more than anyone. That's what it takes to reach success in America these days: wanting it real bad.

New York magazine writer Jennifer Senior had this great article a few months back about how politics in the U.S. has become really infantile — literally. Angry, illogical...prone to tantrums. All feelings, no facts. But confidence in spades — despite lack of experience, smarts or talent. (For example, Sarah Palin accepting McCain's vice presidency invite without any self-reflection on whether she is actually qualified for the job). Just like the early Idol episodes, right?

But in Idol as in life, eventually we tire of the blustering buffoons and want to watch somebody who can actually sing. (Or vote for somebody who actually knows what they're doing).

Anyway, what I'm getting at: being Canadian, I totally lack American bravado.  I wish I had a little. Maybe then I wouldn't question myself, second-guess and criticize my own work so much. Like this silk number, for example:
I made this blouse to go with the skirt for a wedding we have coming up in Wisconsin (Ryan is a groomsman and Lucy will be a flower girl). The skirt was a class project and I love how it turned out. I also loved the vaguely animalistic print and the combination of navy and peach. Who knew those two colours looked so pretty together? But this blouse...sigh. I just don't know. I drafted the pattern myself, tested it out once, made some changes and then went for it. I'm still not really sure I like it enough to wear to the wedding. The sleeves are a little off. Though I like the silhouette and the fabric choice, the execution is not the best. It just kind of looks....homemade. Silk is hard to work with. I should do some research on how better to work with the slippery fabric. Maybe I just need to press it again. I definitely need new shoes.

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