Mar 10, 2011

Somebody Buy Me Some of This NOW

How much do I love the news that Canada now has an official tartan? (This one pictured above, obvs). Called the Maple Leaf Tartan, it was designed in 1964 by Toronto garment maker David Weiser ahead of Canada's centennial celebrations (we were 100 on July 1, 1967).

Apparently 11 of the 13 provinces and territories already have their own official tartans. But finally we are unified — from sea to sea to sea (yes, we've got three. Suck it, America) under one big red, green and yellow kilt.

Winter's almost (please?) over, so the time for tartan is nie done. But I still want some of this for next year. If anyone knows where to get some, let me know.

UPDATE: You can buy Maple Leaf Tartan in various forms (from cotton flannel to 100% wool) at Tartan House Canada (Tagline: "Every Body Looks Good In Tartan!"). The prices vary depending on content.

Also, British Columbia's tartan is pretty nice too:

Find your province's official tartan at Wikipedia

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