Mar 12, 2011

Of All the Ways I Could Be Like Denise Huxtable, I Don't Want This To Be The One

Remember this shirt? Theo's "Gordon Gartrell" knock-off Denise sewed for him when Cliff wouldn't give him the $95 he wanted for a designer shirt to impress his date?

I'm straying into Gordon Gartrell territory today: my collar is too small and my sleeves are too big for my menswear-style blouse for patternmaking class. I can see where I went wrong with my collar, but the sleeves don't make any sense. The pattern is perfect. I must have eaten up extra seam allowance in sewing in my yoke. Lesson learned: respect your seam allowances or you could end up like this!

Check out this guy I found. He made a Gordon Gartrell for Halloween a few years back. Hilarious:

Though this is still my favourite obscure Halloween costume:

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