Mar 3, 2011

Menswear-style shirt

So our assignment this week for patternmaking class is a menswear-inspired buttoned-up, collared, cuffed and placketed shirt. So many elements (10 pattern pieces to draft, then cut and sew). And so not something I'd usually wear. But looking at Elizabeth Hurley here in a photo from her Estee Lauder campain (this is the photo our prof put up on the board), maybe I should give the white collared a go. She makes it look darn sexy, right? I don't think it would look like that on me, however.

Realistically, it will probably look a little more like this:
Boring! And stuffy too, right?

Waitaminute though: this is cute:

 And so is this (though girlfriend needs to tuck the rest of her shirt in before the photoshoot:

So the verdict is, roll up the sleeves, and make sure there are pockets. Check and check. If you need me, I'll be busy as hell trying to get this thing done in a week!

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