Aug 3, 2011

Thanks, Bob

I haven't cut any fabric in weeks, but I did cut some hair today. How do you like this new little 'do? It's hot here, and my kid sweats like her sweaty father and refuses ponytails. Plus she fights me every time I try to brush her beautiful blond hair. SO today I chopped it. The girl can grow it long again when she's old enough to groom herself.

I almost went this short:

But thought better of it and instead shaped it into a chin-length bob. She watched Bob the Builder while I snipped away (it took me probably 40 minutes to get it the right length and not crooked). That is the strangest show — like HGTV for toddlers. Afterward, my kid said, "Can we build something now?" But not like make-stuff-out-of-cardboard build something. Bob the Builder raises expectations. After watching Bob the Builder, she wants to pour the foundation for our eco-home treefort and miter the mouldings for a new door made from reclaimed wood. Shit, girl.

Recently we took her to Home Depot in Chelsea and she cried when we had to leave. Of course a couple weeks ago she said she wanted to be a dinosaur when she grows up, so none of this means anything. Though I would really like to finally have someone handy about the house.

As for cutting fabric, I really am dying to make a new skirt. I have lots of this great black cotton I used for my sailor shorts. I want to a nautical skirt, surprise, surprise. Casey from Casey's Elegant Musings posted a lovely one made from a vintage McCall's pattern. Given enough time, I think I could draft a similar one. But that's only if given enough time. I got my kid in bed early tonight, so I can transcribe some interviews for a story that's due on Monday....but I'm going away for the weekend, so that means little time for procrastination. Or sewing. Or cleaning my messy apartment. Or watching Glee Project. Or writing in my blog. Or drinking this Labatt's Blue LIGHT with Lime. Ugh. My husband buys awful beer.


  1. You don't like Labatt Blue Lime beer? It's Canadian. And like Canada it's refreshing in the summer.

  2. I agree about Bob the Builder. I mean, I appreciate the teamwork and the lessons about hard work, but I don't need my daughter dreaming of playing with a power saw or thinking that she can't wait to sneak off and find a jackhammer to test drive.



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