Aug 5, 2011

Don't send in the marines just yet

In case any of you were wondering, I made it through sewing that silk junior bridesmaid dress (McCall's 4763) yesterday. That is to say, I am still here, and still mostly sane. No stealth trips to David's Bridal, though the thought of buying something similar and snipping the label off did cross my mind.

All I have left to do is to attach the waistband to the dress and then hem it, though that will have to wait until the day before the wedding to do that because the girl lives a zillion miles away and I can't try this on her until then. Witness my invisible zipper, sewn to the top layer of silk satin with my machine, and then hand-stitched to the silk lining. It was a feat of patience for me:

The zipper, up close. My stitches are imperceptible!

From afar: simple yet so pretty!
I hope it fits her. And that she doesn't grow between now and October. That couldn't possibly happen, right? RIGHT?? (I'm still a little inhinged, see?) I changed the waistband from the one in the pattern, so that the two girls (ages 10 and 3) would match a little more.

Next up, the flower girl dress. Slightly less tricky because the lining is a cotton/poly blend. I'm going to experiment with interfacing the whole thing because the flower girl dress should be stiffer than this floor-length fancy number, but the bride wanted the two dresses to be of the same fabric. That presents a challenge for sure.


  1. I like a lot! good job mama Sue!

  2. Thanks, Lizzi! I think it's going to be lovely on her. Do a rosary for me....I need it to fit!



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