Aug 3, 2011

If Only My Husband Actually Read My Blog (Without Me Asking)

It's been a busy few weeks here with more writing assignments than I know what to do with. Actually, I can handle all the writing assignments. What I can't handle is keeping a clean apartment or finding the time to sew anything. So my place looks like shit, which means it's high time to stop reading any and all blogs that feature perfectly lit photos of delightfully decorated homes. I might just kill someone if I have to lay eyes on another hyper-organized, artfully arranged baby room.

That time would be better spent vacuuming or telling my husband to vacuum.

Anyway, the one thing I have done is make an easy change to this blue cotton dress with the bow-print. Because I made it, I loved it, and then I never wore it. I thought I liked the A-line shape, but every time I went to put it on, I'd hang it back on the hanger. Then I had a brainwave: add elastic at the waist to make it more casual. My life is pretty chill after all. Here I am hanging out at Central Park's Sheep Meadow:

Here's the dress before:

And here I am in it after adding a casing to the INSIDE of the dress, and then threading a length of 1/2-inch elastic through it. Much more casual. Plus I don't look pregnant:

And from the back:
Much more wearable, right? This was a lovely day out with my family. We played at the 68th Street playground all morning and then had lunch at the gourmet food trucks now stationed at the former Tavern on the Green restaurant/tourist trap. I'm loving the food trucks this summer (another reason for an elastic waistband, am I right, ladies?).


  1. awesome fix. i always think i'll like that shape too.... *scurries off to find elastic & casing*

    i love the food trucks in CP! so great that the whole shebang is for the public now. we walked into tavern on the green once, and walked right the hell back out.

  2. Agreed! Central Park needs those food trucks more than some stuffy, overpriced restaurant. We've also made multiple visits to the food trucks at the High Line this chi taco and draft beer heaven.

  3. I'm loving this fix- simple AND awesome! This is spring time wear- you need a picnic STAT!

  4. What a great idea, glad you found time for a simple fix.



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