Aug 8, 2011

I'm's "Featured Member" this week!

I just came home from a weekend away in cool, calm Connecticut to a hot, noisy city littered with trash and surly people in dire need of a vacation themselves. Any relaxation we experienced this weekend was undone in the trek across Manhattan through Harlem from the Metro North station to the subway with a tired three-year-old in tow. But discovering that finally posted my "featured member" Q&A today is definitely taking the edge off!

I'm super excited to be this week's featured member at! — in my opinion, the best online sewing resource. The tutorials are super helpful because there's always something new you need to know with each project. The patterns are cheap and tres cute. And there are so many talented members sharing their projects, so it's a continual source of inspiration to me. I'm so freaking pleased they thought my work was good enough to share. It's just the boost I need right now, with another flower girl dress on deck to sew this week, and the sinking realization that we may not be able to afford another class for me at FIT this fall. I do have an idea in the works though for something constructive in the future. Stay tuned. And while you wait: go check out's Q&A with me!


  1. Thanks! You were a featured member a while back too, right? I love that site

  2. hi, found your blog link through burda (addicted to that site too...). i like your style, i'm another one of those moms who actually likes sewing, cooking, baking, etc!

  3. Hi Suzanne! I also found your blog via burdastyle. I really like your sewing projects and your writing style. Rock on!

  4. Sue, you are a total rockstar!!! YAY!



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