Aug 15, 2011

Not a bribe, it's an incentive (or what I made with my Male Pattern Boldness Day impulse buy!)

I'm a terrible procrastinator and when I have a crapload of work on my plate (real, paid writing work, that is). I have to fight my instincts to let it all slide until the night before by setting daily quotas and giving myself incentives to finish. Iced coffee is a big one. I say to myself: "Self, if you finish this story, you can have an iced coffee before tackling the next one." (To which I reply, "You're a stingy little bitch, self.")

Also, the prospect of watching an episode of Glee Project or Project Runway (hey, it's summer -- so reality TV is my only option) is another proverbial carrot on a stick for me.

And, of course, rewarding myself with some sewing time, which I did yesterday after it mercifully rained all day long (record rainfall in NYC; something like 8 inches!). Not only was I able to meet all three deadlines for today, I also made the pattern for and sewed this little bodice from the cotton jersey I bought on Male Pattern Boldness Day! (Plus, praise be to Mother Nature for the rain, because it kept the Dominican Day festivities in check this year, and we weren't up all night listening to partying).

Front bodice
Inspired by the following two garments, I draped the pattern for this baby in minutes and then sewed it up last night using the stripey coral-orange cotton jersey I found at Chic Fabrics on 39th Street for just $5/yard. The jersey is very thin, so I lined it with a white jersey I had on in my stash, which had the effect of making the subtle stripes a little bolder, plus it looks like piping around the neckline. Happy accident! I love the chevron shape created by cutting the striped jersey on the bias, like this amazing maillot I first saw on Burdastyle
And this super cute dress by Oonabaloona, whose style and blog I just love:

 A close-up of my chevron:
Love it!

And the back


  1. Wow, you move fast! I can’t believe I saw that fabric being cut from the bolt on Saturday and you already have a bodice all lined and pattern-matched. It looks even better than I imagined on Saturday.

  2. Thanks Roberta! It's jersey, so it's forgiving. I did the skirt today and am just figuring gout what to do about a waistband/belt.

  3. HEY! i love it!!! how did i miss that fabulous orange jersey?!

    what if you just join them together, and let the belt of your current mood be your waistband :)



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