Aug 16, 2011

The Perfect Fit Bombshell Dress as Consolation

Try to remember that correlation is not causation, especially if your name rhymes with Thirsty Boss and you are reading this (come to think of it, "Thirsty Boss" would be a good nickname for my best friend. Am I first person to think of this? Probably not. She does like her liquor.) But today was the deadline to pay tuition for the fall semester at FIT and I had to let it pass me by and de-register for the Patternmaking for Coats and Jackets class I was hoping to take. It just wasn't in the budget this semester, for several reasons (Eating, being one. Shelter, another). In addition, I will be heading to Nicaragua this winter for a wedding on Little Corn Island off the coast of Nicaragua in the Caribbean!

Thirsty Boss is getting married, and the minute her now-fiance told me he was going to propose, I started writing my speech in my head (note to self: start writing it down before you hit your head and lose the first draft). Luckily for me, flying to Nicaragua from NYC is much cheaper than from the West Coast, like most of their family and friends, though the title "MATRON of honour" is not very fitting, is it? This is the very first picture that comes up when you do a Google image search for "matron":

This was not the look I was hoping for. Thirsty Boss says I can wear whatever I want (and in fact they are planning for everyone to swim directly after the vows on the beach), so I was thinking a good way to both console myself for not taking my class at FIT AND make something befitting a Caribbean island wedding would be to sign up for Gertie's Perfect Fit Bombshell Dress online course. (Dare I admit to being inspired by Oonabaloona two days in a row?) Her version of this dress is THE bomb, so how could I not. I wouldn't have thought of using this pattern if it wasn't for her stunning example. I like it so much more in a bold print like hers. Ok, let's just do this. (I'm not trying to Single White Female you, Oona):

 Anyway, the bombshell dress online class is only $30, including the cost of the pattern. And it looks like I will learn a great deal in sewing this hot little number. Also, if I don't go for a print, maybe I could do an overlay of silk chiffon, something like this J. Crew dress:

So use the Bombshell dress bodice as the foundation for something a little softer looking. Of course, none of this can happen until I finish sewing this:

And sew this dress:

From this fabric
For another wedding we have this fall in Kansas City. So sorry FIT, my dance card is full.



    (okay, actually, i would love to take a class at fit. but i like to eat too.)

    is "single white female" considered a horror or a thriller? i would be the black chick in the horror equation, and the black chick always gets it. let's be romy & michelle instead. you know you want to.

  2. Good idea. I hate Bridget Fonda's hair anyway



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