Jun 6, 2014

Weekend Sewing: What's on my table

What's on my sewing table this Friday? (In addition to a big mess):

Bathing suits!

It's pool (and sprinkler) season, after all. So I'm testing the waters of swimsuit sewing, which it turns out, is actually no harder than any other stretch sewing project. I'm using this free pattern from Prudent Baby, which I found on Pinterest:

But, as you can see, I made the pattern (a size 5) much bigger for my solidly built almost-six-year-old:

I slashed the pattern and spread it an inch at the waist and vertically too. I then used my French curve to redraft the leg hole, side seam and neckline. 

The tutorial at Prudent Baby is very easy to follow. I love the little ruffle:

Also: I love any chance to use a twin needle: 

The other thing I am really excited about is these matching swim caps I'm making to go with each suit:

My daughter takes swimming lessons now and pool rules stipulate a swim cap must be worn in the water at all times. It's hard to find small kid-size swim caps though, so the one she has (an adult size) slips off her head every time.

I drafted the pattern for the cap and used remnants of swimsuit fabric. She's going to look like a classic bathing beauty with her matching set.

So what's on your sewing table this weekend? Ever made a bathing suit? What's your fave swimsuit pattern?


  1. I love the matching swim caps! I used to have to wear them at camp, yuck.

  2. CUTE!

    I've yet to make one but did cut out the pattern for S1374 last weekend. Maybe I'll get it sewn in the next week :)

  3. The caps sound hilarious. I have an image of a bunch of little capped girlies in matching swimmers and hats doing synchronised swimming....... Cute!

  4. Adorable! My two are 17 now but I have fond memories of making them swimsuits. Do you know that tip for lining a suit so the lining is enclosed inside? The sandwich of fabrics is RS-to-RS with the lining on top so when the seams are done and the suit is flipped right side out so lining side seams will be enclosed.

  5. These are so adorable, and the matching swim caps too! I have never made a swimsuit but I had plans to try this summer, I am still looking for fabric that I like.



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