Jun 23, 2014

Finished Project: Hudson Pants Two Ways

I love sewing up easy-to-wear separates that push people's idea about what handmade clothing looks like. Except for other homesewers, few people would expect that you made your own comfy lounge pants, like the Hudson Pants here:

Kelli of the great blog True Bias asked me to be a tester for her first pattern release, the comfy, cozy, but not-at-all schlubby Hudson Pants (named for the NYC neighborhood in which she lives — which also happens to be the first neighborhood I lived in in New York City too).

After seeing numerous versions of her new pants pattern pop up on her Instragram feed,  how could I resist?

So I ordered up two fabrics from GirlCharlee.com: a grey French terry (coming up down below) and this "nautical stripe" ponte:

I cut a straight size 12 for my first pair, made from the stripey fabric you see here. I don't love the fabric, but that was my own error; when you purchase a printed fabric online, make sure to actually check the size of said print. I had expected the stripes to be much smaller. Can you tell from this pic who I think I look like in these pants?

That's right: the Hamburglar! 

Moving on, my second pair of Hudson Pants was much more successful. I used a lovely French terry, which washed well, doesn't pill and feels as cozy as it should in this pattern. It looks like lightweight sweatshirt fabric from the outside and feels like a thousand fairy wings fluttering on your thighs on the inside:

Not only was my fabric a better choice in Version 2.0, but I also graded from a Size 12 to an 6 at the waist. I am pear-shaped and had hoped that cutting the elastic to the right length would cinch in the waistband enough that grading wouldn't be necessary. However, the leap from 6 to 12 is pretty big and my first pair were a little bunchy at the waist.

I've worn these a ton since I've made them. And machine washed them twice (after saying a little prayer). They held up beautifully. In fact, I took these photos on the Solstice, which was a month after making them:

The version of the pattern I used was the test version, and Kelli has made a few adjustments since then. The final version has some extra ease in the calf and ankle band for added comfort. The Hudson Pant pattern also includes a calf-length version.

Have you made lounge pants before? What's your fave fabric for comfy pants like these?


  1. Those look great! I love that stripe, btw -- I think it's perfect for slouchy pants like these.

  2. i think the stripe fabric works great! love these pants, and i completely plan to make some up!

  3. They look great - I agree with the others, the stripes are fantastic! My current self made lounge pants are ponte style arc Elle's, and some wool knit leggings that are a mash up of self drafted leggings and the Elle pants. I'm really tempted by this pattern, and I've got a similar body shape to you so it's great to see them looking so chic on you - thanks for posting them!

    1. I'll have to check out the Elle. I'm not that familiar with Style Arc.

  4. <3 1000 fairy wings <3 I think the hamburgler pants look super graphic and cool, just as a side note! I LOVE lounge pants! I'm making the anima pant in a medium sweater weight AND a lightweight jersey (calling them non-pyjama pyjama pants).

    1. I'm amazed that everyone likes the Hamburglar pants! Do you people all just want me to startle my neighbors with such a noisy print?

  5. Awesome! These just look so comfy. Can't wait to make some for myself!

  6. I love your Hamburglar pants! I also pattern tested the Hudson Pant - I used a lightweight ponte and it worked a treat.

  7. I think your stripe pants are great! I already had this same fabric in an order being shipped to me with the intentions to make similar styled pants when I saw your post. It was like looking into the future. Hopefully mine turn out as good as yours did!

  8. Hey it's Nicole from Girl Charlee Fabrics. Both of your pants turned out great and look super comfortable! Thanks for the link back!

    ~ Nicole and the Girl Charlee Team



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