Jun 26, 2014

Countdown to summer (and summer sewing)

I've got 1 hour and 7 minutes before public school ends and summer vacation begins, which will greatly impact my sewing and posting powers over the next 70 days (for more on my other summer project, see here).

Still, I'm looking forward to resuming my Project Runway recap posts next month. Lifetime finally announced the season premiere date — July 24. You can already see some of the Season 13 designers' work at Lifetime's Project Runway page, where they have those "home visit" videos already up. Who will get "Runway Redemption"? (Remember they asked viewers to vote on what former contestant to bring back?). That will be revealed on July 24. Let's just hope it's not Ken. I would be really disappointed in Project Runway if they allow someone who threatened violence against a woman on camera to return. What a terrible precedent that would set.

Moving on, I finished my troubled LBJ dress just in time to wear it to "All the Way" Tuesday night. My husband loved the show — and was crazy about the dress. I didn't manage photos other than this pre-show selfie (my husband showed up 5 minutes before curtain and afterward we had to quickly run off so we could get back to the Bronx to relieve the babysitter). You can just barely see one strap:

I made about 10 alterations to this dress (including a major back neckline excavation), and in the end the fit was pretty great. We'll shoot some photos of it soon.

I'm also taking my swimsuit sewing to the next level with a Wonder Woman bathing suit for my daughter. It's a birthday surprise, so shhhhh, don't tell her:

I drafted it myself, and if it weren't trademark-infringement, I would attempt to put it into Illustrator so I can share it here (who am I kidding; that would take me 40 hours and time is not on my side now that it's summer!). Machine appliqueing on the golden eagle was a bit of a pain in the zig-zag. But that is love for you. I think I'll make a little starry circle skirt to wear over top of the suit on the way to and from the sprinklers.

I bought the materials for this suit at Spandex House on a Garment District trip with Lisette from What Would Nancy Drew Wear? (We also checked out the lingerie exhibit at FIT, which I highly recommend). We talked lady-swimsuit-making and it has been on my brain ever since. I've only found two patterns I would wear. Jalie's Tankini pattern:

And Papercut Patterns' new Soma Suit, which has a couple variations. For myself, I like the one piece:

I do, after all, have nearly a yard apiece of solid gold, red, and blue-and-white stars spandex leftover (a kid suit doesn't take much yardage and the minimum you can buy at Spandex House is a yard).

What are your summer sewing plans? Does sewing take the backburner when the sun is shining?


  1. OMG your daughter is one lucky girl!!! That is the best!

  2. that suit is going to be so cute! now that school is out i can actually sneak in more sewing time... no more waiting for the bus, or drop offs and pickups at school, and all the activities are over. i've had one lone demanding-of-my-attention boy home with me this whole last school year. now that his siblings are home i'm not his sole entertainment! can't wait for PR to start up, but if they bring back Ken i may not watch in protest. for a "women's" network, it would be a real shame.

  3. That wonder woman suit is ahhmazing! I cannot wait to see it finished. She is going to love it.

  4. I seriously want a wonder woman suit for moi! That is TOPS!



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