Jun 2, 2014

Me Made May — C'est Fini!

Ladies and gents, we have a tie.

The two me-made garments that got the most wear this May were (drumroll):

My Scout tee made from a men's button-up shirt (I wore it three times):

And my self-drafted silk bomber jacket, which I also wore on three occasions (you can't see it in the far right photo, but trust me, it's there):

The only reason I didn't wear that jacket more was weather-related. There were many days in May that were too hot, while others were too rainy (somebody told me once that silk gets spotty in the rain).

While I didn't find it a serious challenge to wear me-made all month, I did find it a wardrobe workout for the fact that I was showing the world what self-sewn garments I was wearing. Normally, I would wear the same self-drafted hoodie five days a week, which would technically qualify me for a successful Me Made May. But, knowing that the world (OK, 150 Instagram followers) was watching made me want to dig a little deeper into my drawers for those me-mades that don't get as much wear.

I made a number of new items in May to help flesh out my me-made wardrobe:

Pictured above are: two pairs of Hudson Pants, a pair of self-drafted leggings, two Double-layer Camis by Salme Patterns, a Scout tee and a Dixie DIY Summer Concert Tee. Though that's a lot of items for one month, as you can see all of them are casual and none of them is complicated. I think that's a result of both wanting to add some easy-to-wear items to my me-made wardrobe and that fact that I felt like garbage for much of May, thanks to allergies. So I wasn't feeling very ambitious (and I couldn't take much disappointment beyond the daily wear of itchy, sticky eyes and constant congestion).

Much of my handmade wardrobe is self-drafted, but the commercial and indie patterns I wore in May include: the Minoru Jacket, the Scout tee, the Tiny Pocket Tank, the Short-Sleeved Kimono Dress, McCall's 6404 leggings, McCall's 3341 A-line skirt, Salme Patterns' Double-Layer Camisole, True Bias' yet-to-be-released Hudson Pants, and Dixie DIY's Summer Concert Tee.

The really interesting thing about documenting this all on Instagram was seeing which way I parted my hair throughout the month (evenly split; My haircut is ambidextrous).

My June sewing plans involve some swimsuit experimentation (for my daughter) and a dress (for me).

What about you? Swearing off selfies forever now after Me Made May? Happily wearing your ready-to-wear? What are the gaps you want to fill in your handmade wardrobe?


  1. Yay! You did it! You always look cool and comfortable, which is a tough balance to strike. I always forget how weird May weather can be- there was a lot of stuff that was for warmer or cooler weather, so I felt like I was pulling from a small percentage of my wardrobe every day.

    1. Well that is high praise from you lady, who knows how to style a Chicago Blackhawks tee like nobody's business!

  2. jealous of your ambidextrous hair... and love your handmade wardrobe! may in the northeast was pretty chilly so i could survive on my jeans and cardigans. if i only had dresses to choose from i would have been in trouble! even though dresses are fun to make, i'm leaps and bounds happier when i can pull casual separates out to wear every day. and yay to no more selfies!

    1. I like dresses...but almost never wear them. Yay for seperates!

  3. Congrats! :) love those leggings and now I need some.

    I loved mmm but it was my very first year participating. I'm kinda sad that it's over. But I did discover wardrobe holes which I hope to crank out at least three short sleeved (but not sleeveless) work tops. And I need a few more pairs of pants (no dresses, skirts or capris for me at work).

    1. I have ambidextrous hair too! I can part on either side. It makes my stylist happy.



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