Jun 5, 2014

Remnant-busting Salme Cami

Does anyone hate remnants as much as I do? Not big enough to make anything worthwhile but also not so small you can feel fine about tossing them in the trash — they take up space in your sewing room/tiny New York apartment, but you spent your hard-earned fabric funds on acquiring them in the first place....a sewer's conundrum.

Hopefully you have a few patterns that let you put your remnants to good use. My new fave is Salme's Double-Layer Cami, which I previously made from an upcycled dress in cotton voile. Because you know what? Though the pattern calls for you to make both layers from the same fabric, you totally don't have to. You could bust through two scraps to create a single, wearable top. And by adding a ponte band on the bottom you can turn it from cami into slightly sportier tank. Boom. Stash, busted:

Looking at the photos above, you might notice the neckline lays much flatter in my second, striped iteration of this tank pattern. I took out a little excess in the neckline by rotating it into the bust dart. My pattern modification worked perfectly:

I used up the annoying piece of fabric that remained after making Pattern Runway's Short Sleeve Kimono Dress. My one other small modification was the black ponte band at the hem. Not only does it add some visual interest (and length), it also saved me from hemming two layers of this poly (I serged the band onto the two layers even though for some strange reason my poor serger just hated it). Boom. Annoying task, averted.

I like this top, with its darts, neckline and spaghetti straps (though I am not in love with actually making spaghetti straps).

You know what else I am not wild about? Taking photos in my building's hallway when my neighbors are coming up the stairs:

That's the face I make when I want to alert my husband to the fact that this photo shoot is over. Like, Boom. Over.

So what's your favorite pattern for using up remnants? Do you make toddler tees until your scraps are in tatters? Headbands? Coffee cup holders?


  1. I wish I had a remnant pattern as I have a very large plastic storage container of remnants under my bed. Come to think of it, I like to make men's boxers out of remnants. That's about it.

    Generally, once I've made a garment from a fabric, I don't want to have to use the fabric again.

  2. I barely squeak by with enough fabric for each project mainly because I hate generating scraps. Like Peter I am not a big fabric re-user. I don't intend to have several garments made of the same fabric (even if I love it!). The exception would be basics like black ponte. I stock pile that stuff! But I have a big 'ole cut of medium weight black ponte that has thus far become: cardi for me, capris for DD, leggings for a friend's toddler, pants for me, a skirt for DD, and there's still some left over.

    And denim. I found a pretty fabulous denim at Hancock on the flat fold table and have a pair of shorts and a pair of trouser jeans to come.

    Love the striped tank! You've placed it perfectly!!!

  3. Remnants seem to pile up so fast! Knit remnants I'll usually use for things like raglan tees for my nephew since a couple of small pieces are all it takes to make one. If I can't make a whole garment from woven remnants, I use them for pocket bags or things like that, and I've used a couple of favorite fabric remnants for zip pouches for makeup and whatnot.

  4. Oh, and I REALLY like the tank- the stripes are so modern and cool!

  5. I need more uses for remnants! I have a big tupperware-ish box full! I've used remnants as facings, pocket bags and to line a few tote bags. Last year I made a very cute fold over clutch. But I'm generating remnants exponentially faster than I can use them. Wearable remnant patterns would be great, but the problem is that I'm tall and so need more length for the same things that others can eek out of less fabric. sigh

    Cute camis!!

  6. love using up remnants! they always seem to turn into something for my daughter though.

  7. I love this fabric - and in the cami,it's perfect!



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