Jun 9, 2011

Bow-print dress and Burda

 I was super flattered this week to be asked by Burdastyle.com to be a featured member. What that means is I answer a bunch of questions about my sewing habits and style aspirations ( I say "aspirations" because my life as a work-at-home mom doesn't always allow me to exhibit the style I favour) and they feature my projects on the Burda blog. Cool right? I just need to find some time to answer the long list of questions. I'm so freaking busy with a big writing project this week I shouldn't even be writing here!

Anyway, pictured above is the finished vintage McCall's maternity dress that I cursed over last week (no, I am not pregnant. I just like the style and thought it would light and airy for summer). And then I finished and it's now a million degrees in New York, so though this is made from cotton, it's much too hot to wear. Scratch that: Everything is much to hot to wear. (My family is hanging out in the air conditioned American Museum of Natural History today while I try to get some work done.) I love navy blue. It's a bummer it can be so hard to match up, but it's lovely nonetheless.

Because I scrapped using the bow-print fabric for the main part of the dress, I had all this fabric left over. I was going to make a skirt with it, but then — horrors!! — I cut into it by mistake! Don't even ask me how it happened. It makes me shiver just thinking about ruining a yard of such cute fabric. It's destined to be a sleeveless summer top now. Or a headband — if I eff it up again!


  1. Sue, this could be my favourite project of yours, yet. It is simply perfect. I would wear it ina heartbeat! I will look for a similar partten - any ideas?

  2. If you want, I can send this pattern to you to borrow! Just send it back once you're thru. Email me your new mailing address

  3. Oh thanks Sue, you're a peach! will do.
    you look so old Hollywood in these photos. Love the ponytail- great styling, my friend! xo

  4. What an awesome dress! love the yoke (if i'm using that word right who knows)

  5. I found some of this fabric too! I love it

    1. Your dress is kicking ass and taking names. I love it. You WIN!



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