Jun 29, 2011

Impulse Buy of the Day

 With my kid at her sitter this morning I went downtown to the fabric district to go buy what I need for the flowergirl dresses I am making. I went to Metro Textile Corp. on 37th Street because the prices are really good and the guy there is so helpful and so sweet, and when you get the end of the roll (which I did three times today), he doesn't charge for the extra bits. Unfortunately, however, he likes to flatter, which doesn't make it easy to avoid impulse buying two yards of silk printed with peacock feathers. (The light in my apartment is shit, so this picture here doesn't do the colours justice. It really is an amazing piece of fabric.)

Fabric guy: Your husband would love to take you out to dinner in a dress made from this silk.

Me: (Sigh) How much?

In case you need to know: $14/yard, which is half what you would pay for this same fabric at Mood.

Anyway, I will need a dress for this wedding in the fall, so it's not like it was a total impulse buy. And where can you find an amazing silk dress for $28? I don't want to mess around and make any mistakes with this fabric, so I will test out whatever I make first before cutting.  Here's the pattern I just bought (Vogue1207, on sale for $3.88  from Vogue Patterns), which I think will be lovely in this print. Business in the front, party in the back (that's what they used to say about mullets where I come from).


  1. well hello fabulous lady right here in my hood.

    that silk is gorgeous... i've only ventured into kashi's once, and your scene nails it!

  2. There's not as big a selection as some other stores, but there's always something great to catch your eye. Even for a print queen (like you, Ms. Oona!)



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