Jun 25, 2011

At Long Last some Uninterrupted Sewing Time

 So I've been wanting to make sailor pants for years. I love them. But I've never found a pair that fits right or that was in my budget. Patterns are hard to come by too. SO my first step is making a pair of these faux sailor shorts, based on a pair of capri-length faux sailor pants on loan from my friend Lizzi (in exchange I am turning them into shorts for her, so she no longer has to hear her husband say, "Are you sure you want to wear those?" Because let's face it, capris aren't flattering on anybody (I'm talking to you, tourists. They didn't need any special effects to make the hobbits look short in Lord of the Rings. They just dressed them in capri pants.)

I figured going faux first would be easier than trying to figure out a full sailor pant. If these fit well, than I can turn this pattern into the real deal. Plus lengthen it for pants. But it's hot in NYC again and I need shorts so here we go:

The back: note the double waistband and welt pockets

My pattern. There are 11 pieces in this shorts pattern! Details, details.

My "muslin"
So here I am in the test pair I sewed this morning. I didn't bother with the lining or zipper because I just wanted to make sure I had a good fit. And I do! Hurray! And these baby's have a side zip, so I am off the hook when it comes to sewing a fly, thank you very much. Stay tuned for fabric choice.

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