Jun 20, 2011

The Perfect Summer Top

Burdastyle.com's Tunic Top With Crochet Flowers just might be the perfect summer top. For me. You may prefer short, tight, see-through polyester shirts for summer. In fact, if you live in my neighborhood in New York, you probably do. I've seen you (and your side-boob). I, however, like flattering tops in natural fibers that don't  make you any hotter than it already is in New York City. Because I can't help the sweat trickling down the back of my leg, but I can prevent overheating my midsection in a lightweight tunic like this one here.

The pattern for this top costs just $5.40 at Burdastyle.com, which is a great price. The downside of downloading a pattern as opposed to buying one in a store is you have to print all the pages and then tape them together before cutting the pieces out. It's tedious. I'm not going to lie. But all that work seems like less of a deal if you use the pattern a few times, which I plan to do with this one here. I've already started a second, which I am making from a white and blue embroidered tablecloth. Hopefully it won't be as wrinkly as this one here:


  1. very cute. the neck facing looks great! love the pink too.

  2. When you wore that very cute top last weekend, I thought to myself, wow, I can't wait to be able to go shopping again and get cute tops like Sue. But I obviously should have thought wow, I can't wait to be reincarnated into someone who can sew. Or wow, how much money do I have to pay Sue to sew me shirts?



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