May 27, 2011

Sewing Under the Influence (of hormones and humidity)

 I won't miss this week when it's over. Let's just say that. I'm not sure what it was that put me over, but a confluence of annoying factors just overwhelmed me this week: -the tail end of a brutal allergy season/the end of school semester/sudden heat and humidity for which I was not prepared/the homicidal rage I experience in summer when douchebags on motorbikes swarm my neighborhood all night long. Pair all that with an admittedly hormonal funk, and you get this:

What? No! Ew. Terrible.
 Fugly, right? I was trying to improve upon the bow-print dress I was sewing from a vintage McCall's pattern. I thought a navy yoke would look better. But the colour was off. Then scrapping this, I made it even worse:

At this point, I had to put down the pins and walk away. So I watched an episode of Glee, in which New Directions writes original songs for nationals in New York. A terrible idea. But I enjoyed it immensely because my husband watched it with me and his commentary on Glee is the best. He should host a web series called "Ryan Watches Glee," or "Glee With Ryan." Trademark.

Today is a new day. And after some relaxing in the park with friends and kids, I made this while my kid napped, using the original yoke and navy cotton, which doesn't look so off when paired with the print in this way.


  1. Just rip out the yoke and wear. No one will notice the dress, I promise!

  2. Better! Looks a little bit Swedish!



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