May 4, 2011

Jeans, Take 2

The good news is the jeans I drafted and sewed this week look amazing on my butt. That's a feat for sure. The bad news, however, is I'm only going to get a B+ again because the crotch doesn't fit right and I don't have the time today to figure out why and fix it.  I think I could do it, but it would require ripping off the waistband in the center front, then removing the fly, reshaping the front and then sewing all that junk back on, which ain't gonna happen. Well, it will eventually. Because I like these jeans and want to wear them — just not with the crotch as it is. I would post pics of me wearing them but Lucy's arms aren't strong enough to hoist our SLR camera and my husband is working.

Here's the front:

Check out all that topstitching!

And the secret surprise inside: pockets made from scraps of the super cool printed Snoozer Loser fabric I won a little while back.

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