May 13, 2011

This is What an "A" Jumpsuit Looks Like, In Case You Were Wondering

Jumpsuits: Not to be confused with rompers, which were popular to an ungodly degree last summer. I've written before about rompers. I think they are only appropriate if you're still in diapers. It's like a sexy onesie — a sexy onesie that will drag on the floor of the public bathroom every time you have to pee outside your apartment. For example:
By noon, there's E. Coli on those shoulder straps, for sure

That said, last night I was super stoked to get an "A" on my jumpsuit for patternmaking class. The teacher loved it, though she didn't dispute that I look a little like a clown car mechanic in it. Tell me, is it just the nose?
 Or maybe it was the juggling:

I think my jumpsuit looks like something Napoleon Dynamite's girlfriend would wear:
She's thinking about it

This project did make me reconsider the jumpsuit. I'm kinda feeling this goth mechanic look on the left here (by Alexander Wang):

I also like this slouchy pale purple jumpsuit here, though I think it likely only looks good on boneracks and praying mantises:
ANYWAY, I think I have my Halloween costume in order for next year.

1 comment:

  1. hahah "boneracks" good call.
    What about a strapless romper? still gross?



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