May 24, 2011

This week's Unfinished Project

This unfinished dress is hanging out on my dressform this week while I sew a dozen carriers for my Etsy store. If you didn't already know it, I make cute little carriers for kids to carry around their dolls in. My shop is almost empty because I had put it on the back burner while busy with patternmaking homework this semester. 

Last night my two-year-old helped me assemble the straps. Toddlers are such hard workers. They really like manual labour. (That's my defense when the child labour laws people come calling. Also: I'm not paying her, so it's not really work, is it?)
My sweatshop/sewing table today
As for the dress-in-progress, I'm going to rip off the yoke because I think it looks silly the way the print doesn't match up. Instead I'm going to either make a peachy pink yoke, or navy blue. I may cut both and see what works best. I'm also going to have to cut a lining for this. Then if I'm feeling it, I'll make another dress exactly the same but with the yoke made from the bows print fabric, and the main dress cut in pink. Or navy. Still can't decide. Maybe I'll put it up to a vote. This is America, after all.

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