May 9, 2011

These Things I covet

It seems to me that everyone must have an item of clothing they've long coveted but never had the means or opportunity to buy. I know I do. And it's a good one: They don't come around very often. And when they do, it's unlikely I'd find a pair off the rack that fits and flatters my frame. So I am going to have to make those long longed-for sailor pants myself.
Ew. Heels with sailor pants? Seriously?

It shouldn't be too hard once I perfect my pants pattern, though it will have to wait until after this semester is over: I have to sew a jumpsuit and a Western-style shirt in the next two weeks. Yikes.

As far as patterns go, I can't find anything still in print. There are a couple vintage ones out there if you're willing to hit up eBay:

But none of these vintage patterns is quite what I am looking for. They're a little too belled, and a little too high-waisted — both styles would look terrible on me. I'd want something shaped a little more like these ModCloth shorts through the hip and waist:

 Except, you know, with legs on them. Straight ones. So sailor pants. Your days are numbered.

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