May 1, 2011

My Very First Pair of Pants

If I don't look suitably excited here at the prospect of modeling my first ever pair of pants (I drafted the pattern myself, and sewed them too, of course), it's not because I am unhappy with how they turned out. On the contrary, I am quite happy that I managed to turn these poorly fitting pair of pants (a patternmaking class project for which I received a B+ — unhappy face):
Into these:
Yes, the fine brown pinstripes kinda create that old-school bad TV signal wavy line pattern when you look at them too long from far away. But here they are up close:
No, that sour expression above is due to the unbearable onslaught of tree pollen allergies in the past 48 hours. The real loser in all this is my poor kid, who has to stay indoors with me until it rains (how I wish she had grandparents nearby). I just can't bear to be outside — even medicated. How long does allergy season last? I have no idea because allergies are so new to me (I only began experiencing them two years ago, when I was 31, and I ended up taking hardcore rounds of oral steroids because I couldn't breathe). It has been trial-and-much-error trying to figure out what medications will help me and what won't (sadly, the latter category includes most things.) What is helping are Bepreve eyedrops, which I just discovered cost around $200 for 10 mL. Of course there's no generic equivalent. Anyway, back to happier things.
 Check out all those pattern pieces! Eleven in total, which translates to 11 different places to totally eff up your pair of pants. Here they are one more time:

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