Sep 14, 2011

Optimism and my Bombshell Dress bodice by the light of day

I feel most like quitting late at night, which is why it's best for me to do little that's challenging after my kid goes to bed. Take last night, for example: I was sewing the bodice of my Bombshell Dress when we got the news that the apartment we want doesn't necessarily want us. Or at least they don't want us without a guarantor, which is ridiculous because we make more than enough money to afford it. And it's a rental. New York, you know? On top of it my husband's boss is replacing him with someone who will do his job for less money. This month has been enough to make us want to cut and run. But where would we even go? We are defeated. And we would sell out — if anyone was buying.

In the mornings, I feel more optimistic. Like maybe this bodice isn't so bad. It doesn't yet have the boning and bra cups sewn in, and is not yet lined. So this photo above is not a fair indication of what it will look like in the end. And maybe we'll find an even better apartment for less money, and then we'll be relieved we didn't get that other one. And maybe my husband's next job will be better. And maybe I won't have a stroke from all this stress by tonight. 

In case you were wondering how much work it is to sew a dress of this sort — it's a lot of effort (which is enjoyable when you're feeling fine, or a frustration overload when your stress level is already at Threat Level Red) — so don't ask me to make you one. Testing the muslin, cutting out underlining and then the main dress fabric, hand sewing each bodice piece to the underlining — this couture shit is for real:
Pinning the bodice:

 With so many steps and so many pieces, there are so many places you could go wrong. That's why it's best to walk away when life has you ready to explode. That last piece of advice was meant for myself.


  1. ugh! I know exactly how you feel! I've been there so many times this year. Hang in there! You've all still got each other and that's a big deal.

    On another note - loving the dress so far. The peacock feathers are going to take it to another level completely.

  2. Wow, I admire you even more for taking on this project as such a tough time. Wishing you the best in all things.

  3. This fabric made a cameo in project runway!



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