Sep 9, 2011

FINISHED! The Marc Jacobs Bow Print Dress

There was a point in making this Marc Jacobs bow-print dress that I actually put it on backwards and considered making this deep V the front. That's how long was the road to redemption for Vogue 1207, an adorable but unfortunately non-functional Misses dress pattern. Quickly rejected, that I even considered the idea illustrates my intense desire to make this flawed pattern work. Because after cutting into this precious bow print fabric (which I bought at Metro Textile for just $5/yard), I just couldn't jettison this project because of poor fit and constricting sleeves. Plus I started this dress a couple days after I was attacked by a crackhead in the park. So it has sentimental value of a sort. How much do you love the back of this dress? 

And those pockets? I love them too:

I should have taken photos an hour later though, because I would have been smiling much bigger (as it is, my smile is still a little lopsided, thanks to some swelling and a cut that remains on my chin). Today we found a spacious and affordable new apartment in a lovely quiet neighbourhood. We adore it, but I'm not getting my hopes too high in case we are rejected. Because attaining a new apartment in New York requires as much paperwork as getting a Greencard, no exaggeration. I've done both. But I like our broker much better than our lawyer, so hopefully we have as much success with this new place as we did with my immigration status. 
 To make this dress functional, I had to hack away at the sleeves, which were super cool looking, but prevented me from raising my arms. And I like raising my arms. So what am I left with? A little sideboob:

 What do you think? In my opinion, that's too much underarm. But I otherwise love this dress....if anyone has a fix they can suggest, I'd love to hear it. Here she is again, from the front:

I've got my fingers crossed in those pockets that we get this new place. My family needs some good news!


  1. keeping my fingers crossed for you, Sue! And you look smashing! That dress is a winner. Things are looking up, you'll see. xo

  2. Adorable dress, as always! So sorry to hear you were attacked. Hope the new apartment works out.

  3. my sage advice (which should be completely ignored, because if you took my initial burn notice you wouldn't have this chic dress) is to enjoy hub's drool over side boob, or, if you're really uncomfortable, get a 5 dolla zara tank to wear under it. in chartreuse!!

    i hope you get the pad!!!

  4. Thanks, Holly and Lisa!

    Oona: Yes, my man deserves a little sideboob after all he's been through. I'll leave the dress as is. Though I love chartreuse. Your colour choices are always awesome. That's why I can't wait to go fabric shopping with you! Of course I'll be moving at the time of your getogether, but I like a challenge, clearly!

  5. Beautiful! I also bought some of that bow fabric and haven't been inspired by it yet. I think you captured it beautifully.

  6. Love the dress! Sorry to hear about the crackhead incident-- hopefully landing a swanky new pad will make the NYC pendulum swing more to the "blissful" side and away from "hellacious"!

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