Sep 8, 2011

Bombshell Dress Class and Poor Decisions?

I finished my Marc Jacobs bow-print dress, but it has been raining for days and days here with no break in the forecast, so taking posed pictures of me in it will just have to wait. I hacked away at the sleeves, and though the results verge on side-boob cleavage, I think it's passable. I will wear it. Probably not often. But it's adorable, especially if I don't raise my arms. My husband likes it. But I may have inadvertantly learned that he has a thing for side-boob. Silver lining?

I also pulled the trigger last night on signing up for Gertie's Perfect Fit Bombshell Dress online class. With the discount (that you can get through a number of places:; Oonabaloona's blog, among others), it was only $25, and that includes the cost of the pattern. Even though we are moving at the end of the month, and I have writing assignments out the wazoo, and I am anxious beyond belief after being mugged two blocks from our apartment two weeks ago, I thought I'd add to my workload by making this dress, hopefully in time for a wedding we are travelling to in early October. And hopefully in this peacock-printed silk I bought at Metro Textiles a couple months back:
Of course, it specifically says not to use silk or other slippery fabrics in this dress, but I love this print soooo much, and am willing to experiment with underlinings and fusibles to get it into Bombshell Dress-ready state. Don't judge. My decision-making capacity has been severely limited in recent weeks. I tried finding a dress at H&M, but everything I tried was flawed in some way. Now I need something to look forward to, and following through on this class could be it. I wake up at 6 a.m. every day worrying....about finding a new apartment, about packing up this crazy space, about how my kid is going to react to it all, about how all my friends think we suck for fleeing this 'hood, about whether I'll ever be able to sew anything with this lovely silk.

The first step is printing off the pattern, but wouldn't you know it: we are out of ink. Something good better happen for my family soon.

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