Sep 1, 2011

The I-Got-Mugged-And-All-I-Got-Was-This-Stupid-Dress, Take 2

Thanks to the savvy reader Justsewsew, I now know that the navy bow-print fabric I used in my post-mugging dress disaster is by Marc Jacobs. The horror that so many of you urged arson on me, pleading with me to burn the crappy dress I sewed in the days following getting punched in the face by a crackhead! I understand that the sentiment was you standing with me — against the crackhead AND the dress that was causing me so much unhappiness. BUT MARC JACOBS fabric! C'mon!

Here are the MJ bow-printed items I found online:

At least now the thought of that divine bow-printed bathing suit will keep me up at night (and not how unsafe my neighborhood is. See? We're making jokes about it already. Good).

Anyway, not today, and not tomorrow, but eventually I am going to make this bodice work. Maybe a brown corduroy skirt for fall?

Mmmmm, scratch that belt. I loaned all my leather belts to a friend, so have nothing else to throw on top of my pinned on corduroy to give you a sense of what it would look like. Any thoughts? Or does anyone want to be my bodyguard on a trip downtown for skirt fabric? What colour or fabric  (or skirt style) would you choose to go with this bodice in cotton?


  1. Can I officially declare Rock Star status?

    See... Marc Jacobs makes being punched in the face soooo much better. I saw this fabric online at some point for about milliondollars/yd. Five dollars makes it just that much more glorious.

    By the way, I'm beast and could knock a crackhead out. And I'm from Baltimore- where we are all too familiar with them. Just check out Oona's back posts.

  2. Oops. Let's make that "I'm a beast".

    Wow. That's my favorite typo ever.

  3. Well, then! Rise from the ashes, o Marc Jacobs bodice!

  4. I wonder what park you got mugged in? Because I live in NY too. I've also been mugged and punched in the face, actually!! In East River Park. A couple of years ago. So I empathize, believe me!

    This comment is making NY look bad to your readers who don't live here. Ah well.

  5. Oh Sue, I love your bright-side! xo

  6. Hey Suzanne! I saw your comment on Oona's blog that you'll be at the meet-up and I followed it to your blog....I can't believe I haven't stumbled upon it before from Burdastyle or whatever.
    I'll see you there (any purely Canadian treat you're missing that I can bring along for you? besides the Alcool of course ;)



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