Jan 7, 2011

Snow Day

It's another snowy day here in New York City. And they only just picked up the mountain of trash that had collected in the week and half since the Boxing Day blizzard (no garbage collection due to the snow. I know, what? It's like it's the first time it's ever snowed before. ) And thankfully: it was getting gross out there, though it's hard to be happy about it when the garbagemen are hollering at each other under your child's bedroom window at 11 p.m. (Let it go, let it go....)

Anyway, I've been sewing, but everything is going wrong so I have nothing to share. I'm working on a pattern for a child's hooded cape, but now that I'm putting it together it just looks...not right. And my fit model is too darn recalcitrant to try it on again for me to figure out how to fix it it. Grrr. Plus  I laboured over this amazing apron only to have red thread bleed though white cotton when I washed off the dissolveable stabilizer I used to make this super cute applique...it's the kind of project where, as great as it turned out, you think to yourself: I love it, but never again. Like children.

Still, the apron will likely be saved. Everytime I wash it, the pink comes out, only to reappear when it dries. One of these times, though, I think it will stay white. And then I will give it away here — sometime soon. So check back to enter.

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