Jan 10, 2011

Help! Fabric suggestions, please

So we're going to a couple weddings this year — both of them in the midwest and both in my husband's family. Our daughter is going to be a flowergirl in both (though I have my doubts she will actually walk down any aisle, no matter how many lollipops and jellybeans she is promised. But that is for another day. This is about dresses).

I was thinking of what I could make for a spring wedding in Wisconsin. Wedding #1 is not far off — April 2. Wedding #2 isn't until the fall. Anyway, I think I have the design nailed down, but I need some help choosing fabrics. If you have any suggestions (with links!), please comment. No one ever comments here, though I can see how many pageviews I get. I know someone is reading this somewhere.

Anyway, I'm thinking the bodice of this dress (the Coffee Date Dress from Burdastyle.com):

On top of the fuller skirt below here (the Linda Skirt — also from Burdastyle.com)

I want to make the bodice in a bright print, maybe with a little retro appeal, and the skirt in a solid neutral, and then finish it with a nice wide sash in a colour that contrasts the print. Oh, and maybe a few layers of tulle (the same colour as the sash) peeking out underneath the skirt for fullness.

I already wasted 40 minutes of my daughter's precious naptime searching online fabric stores, and still can't decide. I thought I'd try outsourcing this. Suggestions?


  1. Sue, have you seen the Cecilia (or CECILIA) line of fabrics by Ikea? They have a lovely light cotton bird fabric that would make such a great flouncy skirt (with a solid top and coordinating belt?) Imagine grey top, grey birds bottom and yellow or orange belt. LOVE!
    I know you want solids, but this is just so cute. And you know that if anyone would recommend a bird fabric, I would!

  2. Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

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