Jan 10, 2011

Doin' Just Peachy Now

I just had that kind of week last week. Everything I did was a failure. (I know you kids like to say "fail" as a noun these days, but I just can't do it when there already is a perfectly acceptable word to do the job. Failure. Look it up). So finally I abandoned all efforts toward making new items for my Etsy store (not to mention dinner for my family) and made something for myself for a change. And it was the only think I managed to get right. See above.

I had a couple yards of soft peachy pink jersey from Mood (I know, I actually found something that cost less than $25/yard), which nicely matched this chiffon handed down to me from a neighbour who was culling her fabric stock. I used the ultra-easy Batwing Top Pattern from Burdastyle.com. I would recommend the pattern to any novice sewer who is comfortable working with stretch knits. If you had a serger, this top would take you about 25 minutes to make. 

And then I sewed on these chiffon flowers I made, inspired by the lovely final project in Grosgrain's "Embellish Your Knits" month. I love stuff like this because it means you don't to wear any jewelry to look done up. Essential for me because I own, like, one pair of earrings and a couple necklaces.

The pattern can be downloaded at Burdastyle.com. To see how to make the flowers, go to Grosgrain

1 comment:

  1. Hey Sue, I am all over the Burdastyle. I want to make and easy tunic (no stretch fabrics yet). I'll keep you posted on my progress.
    P.s. you look so lovely in peach! xo



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