Nov 14, 2011

Once Upon a Thread

I have a three-year-old, so I spend a lot of time reading children's books — and thinking about what makes a good one. Not just the words, but the illustrations too.
Among my favourites is Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lioni (which I have written about briefly before). It's the story of two friends (one blue, one yellow) who hug each other so much they become green. After some adventures, they go home to their parents, who don't recognize them. They cry and cry yellow and blue tears, then pull themselves back together. Their parents recognize them again, and all is well. Completely illustrated using torn up pieces of construction paper, you'd think it would be boring to look at. But it somehow conveys the sweet little story perfectly. And my kid loved looking at even when she was 2. We still read it regularly. Here are little blue and little yellow running around with their friends:

Katy of No Big Dill (I can't figure out how she has six kids and still finds time to make stuff and blog about it) is hosting another Once Upon a Thread challenge this month. I loved seeing the kids clothing and toys inspired by children's books. So I thought I'd do something with "Little Blue and Little Yellow," which also happen to be my kid's favourite colours. Not wanting to spend any money (or go downtown for fabric) I came up with this hooded jumper dress in white fleece that I had on hand. I have blue jersey for leggings, and some scraps in yellow and green to applique this Venn-diagram-like design on the front. Here's my drawing:

I've already drafted the pattern, building off of the basic tunic I made for Lucy's owl costume. I drafted sleeves, a hood, and pockets — all of which are easy add-ons to a simple tank dress (especially for a kid, and in stretch fabrics). I plan on posting how-to's for adding pockets and a hood to anything in the coming weeks. For the leggings, I'm using the Sleeping Johns pattern from Growing Up Sew Liberated. My kid has already declared to me that she won't wear this. So maybe this will be my Thanksgiving give-away. Fingers crossed it turns out good enough for strangers.

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  1. I like this story, too. Isn't it by the same author as that really violent book featuring Frederick the Mouse? This one is better. Not only is it sweet but it also doesn't have any mob scenes in which a bird is stabbed through the heart. "Little Blue, Little Yellow" must have been the authors early period before he entered the dark and violent stage.



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