Mar 14, 2011

OFFER: Two collars, both a little on the small side. Pickup only.

If only there were something that could be done with an extra collar — or two. Because I had to make THREE of them for my latest project before finally getting it right. So if anyone out there thought I was good at this, think again. (And if anyone out there has any ideas about what to do with a couple extra collars, let me know).

There's Lucy above wearing my smallest collar, Chippendale's-style. If it fits a two-year-old, it's probably not going to fit a Size 10 blouse. Here's another one destined for the garbage can:
And here's the finished shirt with the third collar firmly attached.

The shirt fits me really well, and I quite like it. The only fix now left to make is the hem on the bottom. For some reason one side of the front is bigger than the other. I haven't yet checked my pattern to see if it was a pattern problem or a sewing error. I have a hard time respecting my seam allowances, which makes a big difference when you have so many different pieces all fitting together. I also think there's some voodoo that happens when you use fusible interfacing....maybe it shrinks things somewhat? How else to explain why my perfect drafted collar wasn't even close to fitting on the neckline of this shirt? I will never, ever take for granted a collar again.

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