Mar 21, 2011

Equinox is Not Just A Gym

Who in New York City wasn't totally confounded this morning when it started snowing? I know I was. I came out of the subway station with my kid strapped to my back, on our way to the babysitter's place, and saw solid water in the sky. On the first day of Spring. Allegedly.

Of course there's no guarantee for good weather as of the equinox, which just means day and night are of equal length today. Or something like that.

Anyway, here I am modelling my menswear-style class project at the playground last weekend. I only look warm, of course.

I really like how this pattern turned out, though it took me THREE tries to get the collar right. I still don't know why. One thing I do know: I can sew a collar with a stand like nobody's business now. Another thing I learned drafting and then sewing this shirt: how to sew a sleeve placket (with some help from this Burdastyle tutorial).


  1. Sue, i am loving this shirt - and how did I miss the Burda style dress (with feather applique!!). I'd buy one! Size 12! xox

  2. That's the dress I recommended you should make! It's super easy and cute. I know you could do it!!



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