Mar 11, 2011

Another Work in Progress

I am so beside myself with glee tonight over the fact I just bought a plane ticket to Cancun (staying in Isla Mujeres) on Easter weekend. This trip with two of my favourite ladies is sorely needed. I've never been away from my kid for more than eight hours. I need a freaking break. Of course, my husband also needs a freaking break. But he's as generous as this shirt is leafy and never hesitates to put my needs before his own.

Anyway, this here is my latest patternmaking project in progress. It's a menswear-style button shirt with a collar, cuffs and pockets. I found this leafy print for $2/yard at the little store I like on 39th Street. I'm still undecided on whether this is actually going to look cool or not. It may all work itself out in the styling.

My pattern is awesome except for my collar, which was way too small. The shitty thing is I don't have enough fabric left to cut a new larger collar and collar stand. So I have to go back to the fabric store (in midtown Manhattan, which is not a trip I want to take with my toddler tomorrow). Ugh. Mistakes suck!! See the too-small collar here:

But still: Mexico. Ceviche and margaritas. Best friends. A full night's sleep. Who cares about a stupid collar, right?

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