Mar 5, 2011

Attempt No. 1 at Pattern for Silk Top

 Can you even believe how nice it was in New York City today for, like, five whole hours? The rain is coming, but we had enough time to hit the new playground and snap some pics of me in this top I just made (at Scavengers, the local antique shop).

This blouse (in an Alexander Henry printed cotton) is actually the "muslin" for a pattern I'm working on for a silk blouse to wear with the navy and peach silk skirt I made for school recently (scroll down to a few entries back and you can see it). Though it's not made of muslin, and I'll definitely be wearing it for its own merits, making a mock-up is so important when drafting your own patterns. Among the changes I will be making to my draft: a much bigger ruffle, a slightly longer peplum (that's the little skirt-like thing below the waist), and the sleeves...well, I'm not really sure what to do about the sleeves, but they will be different for sure on the next attempt.
 Shot of the back. Pretty shirt, but what would Tyra say (WWTS)? That I LOOK LIKE AN AMPUTEE! Quelle horreur!
My husband says this picture is inspirational — because I sew so well for a lady with two stumps for hands.

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