Oct 20, 2012

Work in Progress: Vogue 1212

You're a prudent bunch, dear readers. When I posted about hating the state of my current project — Vogue 1212, a coat pattern, nearly all of you advised me to set it aside and sew something else.

I guess I rebelled. Not because I decided this would be a knockout coat. Only because I went to the Garment District and decided I just couldn't splurge on jacket fabric right now. Everything I liked was so expensive. Plus I had my kid with me. It's too hard fabric shopping with a four-year-old.

So I bought grey zippers and a couple shoulder pads, and soldiered on (thinking if it turned out terribly, I would rip out the zips and use them elsewhere. No loss). If anything, I would learn a little something about coat construction.

I do love how the zippered pockets turned out:

And the bias binding looks cooler  now that it's all coming together. (The coat is still unlined, and the collar unfinished).

There's something vaguely Star Trekky about the back, I do believe:

But did you notice how my zipper needs to be reinstalled? I have never once sewn in a zipper without having to rip it out and try again (and sometimes, more than twice). I post this so you feel better about your sewing tribulations:

So there you have it. Necessity forced me to carry on with this coat. And I think I'll be happy that I did. I don't reckon I will ever sew with this type of fabric again. The weave was so lose. Everything gets off grain so easily. What a pain in the neck.

Unfortunately I already dropped the ball on keeping track of my time. I've worked on it a little bit each day this week, so let's estimate....40 hours. No, only kidding. I'd say I've invested about six hours and 20 minutes (the 20 minutes were spent staring at this squint-eyed, trying to figure out whether it was indeed going to look good when done).

I still have much to do: fix the zip so the front lines up properly. Sew the collar, sew the lining and sew it to the coat. Stare at it some more. Try it on with everything in my closet and ascertain whether I do like it....

I have a couple yards left of this fabric. If you think you can handle it, I will happily hand it over! Let me  know in the comments below. The first sucker (or more experienced sewer) who wants it can have it!


  1. I didn't say anything last time bc I liked it. I still like it-- am I allowed to say that? :) Bummer that the fabric's awful to work with though.

  2. I've started doing something new to help me match seam lines when I insert a zipper. I install one side and then I make a small snip in the zipper tape along all match points. Then I hand baste that side and then sew it in.

  3. It's looking good - I noticed before that zips go a bit like this when I sew one side from the top down and the other side from the bottom up. Also putting a mark at the zipper right at the bias strip and the neck edge would definitely help. ps - I love a challenge - and think this fabric would look great in a jumper/pinafore dress that I may have traced from the last burda mag...!

    1. Yes, that's EXACTLY what happened. Because I am lazy and I like sewing with the zipper foot to the right of the teeth. The fabric is yours! Email me your info: sbeaubien (at) gmail (dot) com

    2. Oops, commented when my husband was the one signed in. That really was me, so email me at the above address and I will send you the fabric!

    3. Ah thanks Suzanne, here's hoping I can handle it! lol:)

  4. Darn it I missed out on the fabric, lol!
    Oh well! I think this is going to turn out well :)

  5. I really like the contrast binding, too. It's shaping up really well! The pockets look so sharp and professional!

  6. I admire your stick-to-it-iveness with this project. Sometimes, you can find these types of projects endlessly frustrating, and finishing at all is an enormous accomplishment! If you are worries that you may not like it, and find the fabric too soft to do what you need it to do, you could always consider a contrast edging of something stiffer to make it behave...?



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