Oct 5, 2012

I Will Follow You...Follow You Wherever You May Gooooooo

Hey friends and readers,

The past two weeks I've really been enjoying getting to know my online sewing friends again after a summer-long hiatus on blogging and reading. Seeing your finished projects always opens my eyes to possibilities and patterns I hadn't considered. For example, without you people, I wouldn't know about all these amazing indie pattern company — Victory, Salme, Figgy's, among them. Nor would I know about where to buy cool knit fabrics online (Girlcharlee.com; thank you Lisa G.!)

I read and appreciate all of my readers' comments. And I try to follow all of your blogs in return, when I can find them. So if you have a blog and I'm not yet following it, please let me know in the comments section. I comment as often as I can (though every other time I try to comment on a Wordpress blog, I have to change my password because I can never remember it! Modern day problems...).

Thanks for reading and making,



  1. I totally agree! I adore following blogs because of all the indie patterns - which I would not otherwise know about, not to mention the advice that comes with them :-)

  2. i agree. so much i may never have discovered on my own!

  3. indie patterns, as well as regular patterns. seeing others making up and sharing their sewing projects really is inspiring! :) i spent a whole year reading and lurking on sewing blogs before even attempting to sew my own clothes and now I am hooked! :)

  4. I've never heard of that fabric store, it looks really good too

  5. I really enjoy reading your blog. Welcome back to blogland after your "holiday"!

  6. Haha! I use a different email to comment on Wordpress blogs because I can't remember my password ever.

  7. And as well as finding out new resources there's just so much inspiration on other blogs. I'm so behind on my blog reading at the moment though. Welcome back from your hiatus :)

    I think when I comment on wordpress blogs I just comment as a visitor rather than logging in.

  8. I'm so glad to hear that you're back in the blogging world. Sewing and blogging are two things that are hard to get away from. They're addicting!

  9. I do the same as you, I always check out people who are kind enough to comment :)
    Don't know if you visit my humble blog or not, but let's just say I still have a lot to learn! That's one of the reasons I follow blogs- so many ideas and solutions out there!
    The support people give each other is really great :)
    Welcome back to the blogoverse :)



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